About CMS

CMS is an Education Consultancy firm. It specializes in advising and assisting students further their education into colleges and universities in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA.

CMS is the successor of Collier Macmillan Schools set up in the fifties as a branch of Collier Macmillan Schools Ltd, UK (a member of Macmillan Inc of New York) to handle its education activities in the Asia Pacific region. Mr David Teo, CMS’s current owner was talent hunted by the Group to be its Regional Manager. In 1982 due to a corporate restructuring by Macmillan Inc the branch was sold to Mr Teo and renamed as CMS as the names Collier Macmillan are corporate names of the Macmillan Inc Group.

Over the years CMS has assisted thousands of students with their studies overseas. Many have returned home and are successful in their careers, a hallmark of our service. CMS clients comprise people from various walks of life – medical specialists, lawyers, engineers, accountants, politicians, businessmen, armed forces personnel and other professionals. They sought the help of CMS to further their children’s education overseas. We are proud to have on record providing assistance to children of parents whom we have helped earlier to go abroad for their studies.

CMS has also built up a rapport and confidence with students whom we have helped that they recommend their friends to use our services.

Most of our clients are referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate our professional and personalized services and being always ever ready to help them during their period of studies overseas.

CMS has also assisted scholars and postgraduate students with their specific needs.

At CMS we offer a comprehensive range of services to our students. We:

  • provide you with information on the various universities, colleges and institutions we represent and consultancy work on others which you may be interested in
  • counsel and assess your academic background and career objectives thoroughly and recommend you to the course and college/university which best fits your future career.
  • assist with your application, visa, hostel, medical/travel insurance and air ticket
  • liaise with the International Office on your specific needs
  • provide follow-up services until you graduate and informative pre-departure briefing