1. I am a male Singaporean and have completed my GCE O levels. I am keen to go overseas to complete my high school studies with the view of pursuing a course in Medicine. Can you please advise me how I can achieve this.

    You can go overseas to complete your high school studies but will need to return to Singapore to do your National Service before you can commence your medical studies.

    You have a number of countries to choose to complete your high school studies:

    1. Australia where you can apply for admission into Year 12 or a Foundation Year at a College affiliated with an University which offers Medicine. Several options are available and we can discuss this when you are in our office.
    2. New Zealand – You can apply for admission into Year 12
    3. Ireland – You can apply to do the Irish School Leaving Certificate which is readily acceptable by the Irish and UK Universities for admission into Medicine
    4. United Kingdom – You can apply for admission into GCE A levels and there are good colleges which specialize in preparing students for admission into Medicine

    Entry into Medicine is very competitive and is also under quota. You must:

    1. do extremely well in your high school studies be it Year 12, Foundation, Irish School Leaving Certificate or GCE A levels (high distinctions are expected of you) and Chemistry is compulsory and you must achieve a high distinction in this subject.
    2. sit for the Medicine aptitude test – ISAT or PQA (for Australia), UKCAT or MCAT for UK
    3. clear a Medical Interview

    CMS will be delighted to provide you with further information and help you with the right choice.

  2. I did not do very well in my school leaving examination and am anxious to seek further education abroad with the aim of acquiring a degree in Law. Can you help me?

    By school leaving examination I assume that it is GCE O levels or equivalent. Entry into Law is very competitive and requires the candidate to have excellent results in both his school leaving and high school examinations. Do you know the reasons why you did not do well? An education consultant such as CMS will review with you your performance in school and guide you on the education pathway best suited to you to enable to achieve your interest to do Law. Such pathways are available in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

  3. I am very interested to pursue my degree in the United States and have just completed my GCE O level examination.

    Degrees offered by US Universities are of 4 years duration and admission requirements vary from University to University depending on their competitiveness. In general they require candidates to be 17 years or above in age for admission. SATs are normally required and a large number of Universities will also require TOEFL or IELTS. You can obtain valuable information on the University by surfing their website. When considering an US University please note that you must ascertain that:

    1. the University is a member of one of the 6 regional accredited associations in US
    2. the degree you are reading is professionally accredited e,g AACSB for business and ABET for engineering etc.

    When in doubt please seek the help of an experienced education consultant.

  4. I am inclined towards pursuing my degree either in Canada or the United States and my GCE O level results are average. Can you advise me how I can achieve this.

    Canada has Colleges which provide both University Preparatory and University Transfer Programs and will be the ideal country to prepare yourself for admission into either Canadian or US Universities.

    Certain US Universities also offer their freshman year (Year 1) through affiliated Colleges located in their campus. Community Colleges also provide you with a 2 year program which will gain you admission into the 3rd and 4th year US Universities

    CMS will be delighted to guide you in your application.

  5. I have completed by Diploma in Physiotherapy at a local Polytechnic and keen in seeking admission into an Australian University to pursue a degree in Physiotherapy. I understand that I will gain credits for my diploma. Can you please advise.

    Depending on your grade point average you are eligible to apply for your degree in Physiotherapy with a number of Universities in Australia. Yes you will receive credits for the units which you have done well and which are relevant to the units offered in your degree. CMS will be able to provide you with the appropriate advice.

  6. Although I have good GCE A levels and am a Science student I am not certain what degree I should be doing and which country. I need help. Can you please advise.

    You are a Science student and have good GCE A level results. You are not certain what degree you should be taking. If you are a straight A student then you can consider a wide range of degrees to pursue from Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Engineering, Psychology, Business etc. An experienced consultant through having a chat with you will be able to narrow down the degree you should be considering based on a thorough review of your interest including your curricular activities in school and your performance in your Science subjects.

  7. I am very keen in the Creative Arts although I have not done any units relating to this in my studies. Please advise.

    You are interested in Creative Arts but did not mention which area you are interested in and if you have been exposed to this either as a hobby or as a curricular activity in school despite the lack of formal training. Why not drop by CMS office for a chat so that proper advice can be provided to you.

  8. I hold a Diploma in Business from a Polytechnic in Singapore but have an extreme desire to pursue a degree in Law, Can I do this?

    Depending on your GPA it may be possible for you to apply to take Law at an Australian University. However you will not get much credits and may have to take 4 years to complete the course. CMS will be delighted to assist you with the required advice.

  9. From young I am interested in Veterinary Medicine and obtained straight As in my GCE A levels including Chemistry. However my parents convinced me to take Law. I have since graduated and after practicing Law for a number of years I have decided to go back to my interest and pursue a Vet degree. Is this possible?

    Yes you can apply to take Veterinary Medicine. However you will need to convince the University to give you a place. We have a case history of such a student who graduated with Master of Law degree from Cambridge University in UK who successfully gain admission into Vet and has completed his studies. CMS will be delighted to review your academic background and your portfolio and assist you with your application.