Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Le Cordon Bleu was founded in Paris in 1895 as a culinary arts school. Le Cordon Bleu Sydney campus offers certificate and diploma programs and deliver Australian- and French-associated qualifications in the culinary arts, providing graduates with a competitive edge recognised by those who acknowledge France's inestimable contribution to gastronomy.

Le Cordon Bleu has always been associated with culinary excellence since the 16th century when King Henry III created one of the most important orders in France, "L'Ordre du Saint-Esprit." Symbolising this order was the cross of the Holy Spirit which hung on a blue ribbon or un cordon bleu. Due to the prestigious nature of this Order and the decadent feasts accompanying their ceremonies, the name Le Cordon Bleu became well recognised and celebrated.

Today, Le Cordon Bleu proudly present more than 29 international schools across 5 continents, and is attended by more than 20,000 students every year. Students are taught by our Master Chefs, of which the majority come from Michelin-starred restaurants or are winners of prestigious competitions and titles such as Meilleur Ouvrier de France. They pass on their knowledge of classic French cuisine and modern international culinary techniques to our students.

Le Cordon Bleu Sydney Culinary Arts Institute offers intensive training programs in both Cuisine and Patisserie for those aspiring to become a chef. The culinary arts programs conducted at the Sydney Culinary Arts Institute bring together all the critical elements of mastering the principles, theory and techniques of classical French cuisine.

The facilities at the Ryde Campus are world class and include 16 fully equipped commercial and specialty kitchens, dining rooms, bars, food science laboratories and computer rooms. The campus library has an extensive collection of culinary texts, journals, video materials, database and internet research facilities. The Counselling Unit provides counselling in career or course directions, financial and personal issues. The Adult Education Unit provides tutorial support and assistance with English language. There is a Student Association and a Student Cafeteria.