Ashbourne College - GCSE & A levels
A Levels in London and Preparation for Top British Universities

Ashbourne College is one of the top A-Level colleges in London, offering almost 40 A- Level subjects. It is rated as 'Outstanding' by OFSTED, the government agency that inspects British schools.

Located in Kensington in the heart of London, Ashbourne is a fee-paying school renowned for its small class sizes and emphasis on individual attention. International students are taught with British ones and get excellent A-Level grades, resulting in admissions to top British universities, including many for Medicine, Engineering, Mathematics, the Sciences, Business and Finance, as well as creative subjects such as Art and Fashion. The atmosphere is friendly and informal, with numerous extra-curricular activities as well as a very high academic standard.

Ashbourne A level Summer 2014 results

  • A*A - 54%
  • A*AB - 77%
  • A*ABC - 91%

    Results Highlights 2014: (please click on the link) Results Highlights 2013: (please click on the link)

    *Scholarships available for students with high academic level -

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